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Q: Can I order via Internet at all times?
A: Our website is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also available by e-mail at

Q: What to do when there are problems with the goods?

A: If you have questions or if there are uncertainties in relation to the received goods, please contact our sales through

Q: Can I get my ordered articles delivered at different addresses?

A: Unfortunately it isn’t possible to divide one order, containing multiple products, over various addresses.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: The type of payment via is via iDeal. See conditions menu.
Q: How to keep the bags clean?
A: The bags are easy to clean using Glassex or a similar product. Use of a soft microfiber cloth is recommended. Keep the product away from chemical detergents.

Q: What to do when my bag gets exposed to liquids?
A: The bags are water resistant but not waterproof (especially around the zipper). You can gently blow dry the bag with a hairdryer.

Q: Is there any warranty on the bags?
A: Yes, there is warranty on the bags, provided that the bags were used normally. There is no warranty on zippers. Excluding, if on arrival damage or defects occurred. Please report immediately at
Q: What is the maximum tolerated weight for the bags?
A: The
maximum weight to carry in the bag is determined according to the bag
size. Do not carry any loose sharp objects in the bags.

Q: Will the colour of the bags fade?

A: No, the material is durable, lightfast and doesn’t stretch.

Q: Is the material flammable?

A: No, the material is not flammable.

Q: Are the handles available in various sizes?

A: Yes, the standard dimensions are 1:10 and 1.22, which are both adjustable. Other lengths are available at higher prices.